Generational Leadership

Topics: Generation Y, Baby boomer, Writing Pages: 3 (943 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Erickson (2010) states “it’s impossible to draw neat boundaries along generational lines and unproductive to overgeneralize, we are each in part, a product of our time.” This could not be truer when it comes to leadership and how they communicate. As we have discussed in class previously. We are products of our culture and I would propose that a generation is truly a culture. It formulates the people we are and how we react to different circumstances. I am on the border of Generation X and Generation Y. I will cover both of these as they have an influence on my leadership and communication styles.

How Generational “Culture” Affects Leadership Communication The generation game (2005) states “While baby boomers tend to be more loyal to an employer, generations X and Y put career path first but respond well to inclusive and collaborative styles of leadership, she said. And while baby boomers often fail to recognize good and bad performance for fear of cultivating a tall poppy syndrome or offending, X and Y require regular constructive feedback and are determined to be better bosses than those they have worked under - commanding and returning respect.” This means that there is increased communication within the X and Y generation as opposed to the baby boomer generation. Since baby boomers primarily served their employer as opposed to the employees the communication would be much more towards the employer as opposed to the employees. As we have found out communication is essential to employees. It helps alleviate confusion and provides direction on what is expected and where the company is going.

Information Age and Modern Communication Leadership
The Information age most certainly influences how a leader will communicate with their subordinates. We have so many levels of technology in which to communicate email, instant message, video conferencing, social networking. So it definitely plays a role in how leadership communicates with employees. All of these...
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