Generation Y

Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Human behavior Pages: 4 (947 words) Published: October 25, 2010
Generation Y and the Motivational

Theory of Goal Setting

Michaela Duke

Front Range Community College


This paper explores Theory Y (Generation Y), a set of managerial assumptions set by management theorist Douglas McGregor about manager’s attitudes towards workers, and the Goal Setting Theory. The Goal Setting Theory can aid managers in motivating Generation Y through setting challenging yet attainable goals. This paper examines how, by the Goal Setting Theory, to effectively motivate Generation Y, and why it ties in best to every aspect of Theory Y.

Keywords: Theory Y, Generation Y, the Goal Setting Theory

Generation Y and the Motivational

Theory of Goal Setting

Motivating employees has been an issue for years. Many different theories had to be explored in depth to find out what motivation at work was all about. Management theorist Douglas McGregor proposed two motivation theories, Theory X and Theory Y. In this paper we will be focusing on Theory Y(Generation Y), as it applies more strongly to the work force today. The big issue is exactly how to motivate Generation Y. The motivation theory that would best motivate this generation is the Goal Setting Theory which caters more to Generation Y’s higher level needs of esteem, self actualization and self fulfillment. This paper shows how by setting challenging, clear goals, accompanied by feedback and rewards you can effectively motivate Generation Y.

Theory Y suggests that the high level needs, esteem, self actualization and self fulfillment, need to be met with the same standards of techniques so that the employees can best be motivated and work to their fullest potential. To do this, you have to get into the mind of Generation Y. Douglas McGregor assists us to better understand the theory by providing us with some basics. He says that Generation Y managers make several general assumptions about their employees. One of these assumptions is that work can be as...
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