Generation Y

Topics: Generation Y, Social media, Generation X Pages: 5 (1841 words) Published: May 16, 2013
The Future Generation
Growing up, I never realized how lucky I was to be blessed with having shelter, food and clothes to wear. I always took things for granted and always expected things to go my way and to receive everything that I wanted, instead of working hard towards my goal myself. Looking back, I was only doing what every typical child in our generation was doing. Our generation is considered the Generation Y, The Millennial, Generation Next, or Generation me. We are the generation of people born during the 1980s and early 1990s. Our generation is growing and increasing in size every single day. Our generation’s population size has reached the point where we’re the largest part of the entire human population. Unlike other generations before us like our parents the Baby Boomers, we the Millennial Generation have extremely outstanding qualities and a great environment filled with excess amount of opportunities but we take it for granted without realizing it. We as the future generation are extremely lucky to be living in this era despite the many hard obstacles that we are currently struggling through. We are capable of making the world a better place through community service or even starting movements to end a cause. But even with these given opportunities within our grasp, our generation can’t fully benefit or even acknowledge them to the greatest of our abilities because of our egotistic nature, materialism and social media addiction. Our generation is filled with many egotistic youth who only care about themselves. It’s hard for our generation to not have this sense that we are special and should have the center of attention at all times. In Larry Gordon and Louis Sahagun’s essay “Gen Y’s Ego Trip Takes a Bad Turn”, Jean Twenge a San Diego State associated professor and lead author states “Some of the increase in narcissistic attitudes was probably caused by the self-esteem programs that many elementary schools adopted 20 years ago, the study suggests. It notes that nursery school programs began to have children sing songs that proclaim: “I am special, I am special. Look at me” (167). We basically have had this mindset of being the center of attention through what we learned in elementary whether it was through music and singing or just hearing it from our peers. In Jonah Goldberg’s essay “Isn’t That Special”, Twenge made a report with her team of psychologist on the self-esteem issue which led to their conclusion that “Today’s American youth are the most self-absorbed since we’ve studied the subject. We need to stop endlessly repeating, you’re special, and having children repeat that back, Twenge told the Associated Press. Kids are self-centered enough already” (174). In other words, our society needs to stop constantly reciting the phrase “you’re special” to us the Millennial Generation because it will only cause our egos to sky rocket. I can recall throughout my childhood that my parents, aunts, uncles and even grandparents would always tell my cousins and me that we were all very special individuals who will succeed in life. Even until this day, they continue to say that we’re special and that they’re proud of the type of children we’re becoming. This doesn’t entirely help me or my cousins at all. Instead, it just causes us to become more conceited than before. Nowadays, everywhere I go, I always see our generation talking back to parents, making a fuss when things don’t go according to plan or their way, or even when they don’t get something that they want. We expect to receive everything freely because that’s how it was when we were younger instead of actually making an effort and working hard toward our goal. Our parents would get us anything we would because they wanted to provide us with everything that they didn’t get when they were our age. This growing mindset of being self-centered and egotistic is continuing to be a huge issue among our generation today which will only maintain that way unless...
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