Generation Y

Topics: Youth, Motivation, Debut albums Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: April 12, 2013
ration Why are employers having such great difficulties attracting and retaining young employees? Maybe it is time that we try to see things from their point of view as well. Point of emphasis: K, T, Tid


It is not that the youth today is not motivated to work, it is. The motivation to work today is not the same as it once was tough. It has been found that while salary is still an important part of the equation, there are more important things to the young people, such as having the opportunity to show off skills, being challenged on a daily basis, the opportunity for growth within the company and overall casualness. Casualness? You may ask, it is an expression that the elder generation has a hard time understanding, yet it is vital for the Generation Y. The youth of today are not too fond of strict dress codes, they need an environment where they can express themselves through their clothes and an environment where it is okay to listen to that new hit song on your iPod. Is all this a problem? Has the generation Y gotten it all wrong? Maybe we just need to understand their way of thinking and cope with it. Young people are often criticized for being and demanding, and after talking to multiple young people on the hunt for a job, it is clear that they indeed are very demanding. Are they only capable of working under perfect circumstances and not capable of adapting to the situation? Who can blame them if this is the case, they are put in to the world in what the elder generation would describe as wonderland, a world where their parents will drive them to any desired destination, where things are handed to them seemingly so much more easy than they once were. So the young people of today are spoiled and demanding, is that all there is to it, do they just need some tough love? Hard to answer, but would you yourself not have wanted to grow up in a time like this where food on the table isn’t an issue and where education and information is so much more...
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