Generation X Less Divorce Rate

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Generation X Lower Divorce Rate

Marriage is a commitment between people that supposed to last forever with each other.

A couple who gets married promises to each other that their marriage will be forever. Recently,

many marriages unfortunately lead to divorce. However, couples of “Generation X” still keep the

lower rate of divorces. The primary reason for lower rate marriages in generation X is the less

usage of social networks. Also, people born between 1965 and 1980 were taught that marriage is

an important commitment that should be made only once in their life. Lower rate marriages also

cause families to think about the kids, not only themselves.

First, social media plays a huge role in a lower rate divorces. People who were born

between 1965 and 1980 don’t use the internet as much as the other generations. Social networks,

such as Facebook is the main reason couples get divorced. Other generations use Facebook to

chat with their old friends from school or childhood. Most of the time, they find their love from

years ago and share mutual feelings all over again in which they destroy their marriage.

On the other hand, generation X do have social network account but they don’t use it as often.

Generation X people only have social networks because their children told them to make an

account because it’s fun. There was an article in the New York Times that over thirty-five

percentages of divorces are caused because of having a Facebook account. Having a Facebook

account makes the married couple more jealous and unsecured. People who use Facebook are

curious about their past relationships, and they want to check their page to see how this person

looks and how their life is going. Unfortunately, this leads to jealousy and when couple is jealous

sooner or later is leads to a divorce.

Second, lower rate divorce is also caused because couples were taught that marriage is an

important commitment that should be made only once in their lifetime. People who are

considered as a Generation X were taught from the beginning of their childhood until their

adulthood that a marriage is not a joke, but a serious church commitment in front of a God. They

were taught that whoever they want to marry, this person will stay in their life forever. That’s

why when couples get married they say a promise “do you promise to be to him/her a loving and

loyal husband/wife, to cherish and keep her/him in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all

others, to be faithful only to him/her as long as you both shall live”. According to the Bible, if

there is a divorce means the couple has committed a big sin. Generation X follows these rules

that’s why there is less divorce comparing to other people. Currently, marriage in younger

generation is just considered as a piece of paper. They don’t think about the marriage as a serious

lifetime commitment. Nowadays, females get married because they get pregnant so the baby can

have a father. Couples don’t have to be married in order to be considered a mother or a father.

Lastly, generation X keep a lower rate of divorces, because they want their children to

grow up with a mother and father living in one house. Families from the generation X group

want their children to live with a mother and a father in one house. No matter what

circumstances come, they want the family to be together for their children. When children see

their parents going through a divorce, their attitude and character change for the worse. Most of

the time parents try to hide their problems that they have with their spouse just because they

don’t want their children to know and get stressed about it. In other words they try to protect the

children. On the other hand, other people who treat marriage as a piece of paper think differently.

They get divorced and they don’t think about...
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