Generation of Leadership and Ethics

Topics: Leadership, Bartender, Bartending Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: April 29, 2013
TOPIC: a) Think of an organisation, job or project in which you have enjoyed participating in. Which of the generations of leadership best describes it? b) Think of an organisation, job or project in which you did not enjoy participating in and which leadership theories best describe it.

Over the years I have participated in many projects and jobs. Some have been difficult while others have been less challenging. Some jobs and projects I have enjoyed while others I detested. I will tell you about one I enjoyed and one I detested and why I did so. One job I really liked was bartending. I worked as a bartender in a bar in Chaguaramas with a few others who were part of my team. I liked this job because it was fun and enjoyable. I also like it because my supervisor, Chan, applied the reciprocal and chaos approaches to leadership. The reciprocal approach to leadership involves mutual goals of both the leader and those under him. Our goal was to make lots of profits while providing excellent service to our customers. As a team, you must work together to fulfil your goals, however, sometimes it was difficult to work together as one or more of us were required to be at different places, doing different things. Sometimes the bar would be so busy that the bartenders behind the bar would seem as if they were in chaos. However, we worked quite well as the chaos approach to leadership comes into play. Chan would sometimes help us and there is such a relationship between us that we help each other while still serving our own quota of customers. This scenario would be described as a “beautiful chaotically ordered night at work”. One project I really detested was a project I had been working on with three other group members for a course I was taking at COSTAATT. No one was elected group leader because no one wanted to be the group leader. Thus, no leadership approaches were being applied. This situation left me frustrated as the deadline for the project was...
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