Generation Me Response

Topics: Baby boomer, World War II, Baby Boom Generation Pages: 4 (1656 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Justin Ford
Intro. to Sociology
Generation Me
It is very apparent that today’s generation has changed greatly since generation of the “baby boomers”. Children in the current generation are coming into a completely different world than it was just 30 years ago. From almost every kid owning a cell phone, televisions being flat, and social networking, it is obvious this isn’t the same world that our grandparents, and even our parents were raised in. Looking back at the generation of the “baby boomers”, it’s hard to even imagine what life would have been like. The “boomers” grew up in a time of where war was an occurring thing, from World War I, World War II, and even the war in Vietnam. They grew up in the time of the great depression, where bread lines and soup kitchens were a part of many families’ lives. Even technology was far from what it is today. Families were lucky to have one television in their house, people actually used land-line telephones, and a person having a cell phone was unlikely. The book Generation Me does a great job of pointing out any difference between the “boomer” generation, and generation “me”. From the way kids are taught in school, the way kids treat other people, and even the attitude about one’s self has completely changed. The author, Jean M. Twenge, Ph.D., notices every minor change that has occurred between the two generations, and comprised a book that will have you noticing things about yourself that you may have never noticed before.

The book starts out with the notion that kids these days are taught to be their selves and not care what others think. Parents of the generation me children teach their kids to do whatever makes them happy, and giving them the idea that “your way is the right way”. Also a main focus that parents and teachers both focus on is teaching the children to love themselves for who they are and have a high self-esteem. Generation me kids took these idea and ran with it. Kids these days are more...
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