Generation Kill

Topics: Iraq War, 2003 invasion of Iraq, United States Marine Corps Pages: 3 (922 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Essay on ”Generation Kill”

As long as mankind has existed there have been warfare. Nations or groups fight each other over religion, believes and interests, and billions of soldiers has let their life fighting for their country and culture values and believes. Governments tells that war is a fight for freedom and young men want to serve their father land, but do they actually know consequences that war bring?

The article “Generation Kill” is written by Ewan Wright in 2004 and the author follows a platoon of US Marines in their advance through the Iraq war. Through the text there is given a characterization of the soldiers and how they respond to unaccustomed episodes that war brings.

By writing the Marines own expression “Get some!” several times throughout a single passage, Wright makes use of a catchphrase, which is used to emphasize how the soldiers are like these madmen who aren’t afraid of war and actually are thrilled to go to combat. By using allusion Wright takes some kind of distance to these unknowing Marine soldiers who do not care about politic and culture. The use of allusion and distance taking is for an example shown when he talks on the case about former president, of the USA, Bill Clintons unfaithfulness with his secretary, which was a major scandal to his office, but to the soldiers it’s just some gossip story. “This is, after all the generation that first learned of the significance of the presidency not through an inspiring speech at the Berlin Wall but through a national obsession with semen stains and a White House blowjob” This strengthens Ewan Wright’s integrity as an author.

By using In medias res in his article, Wright induces to get the readers attention from the start and maintain throughout the text.

The articles composition is very interesting. In the beginning of the text Wright writes generally speaking and reporting on the situation in which he finds him in. He describes the location; how the settings look...
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