Generation Gap

Topics: Employment, Management, Organizational studies and human resource management Pages: 1 (406 words) Published: March 20, 2011
Case study: Generation Gap

Each generation has its own distinct set of values, view of authority, expectations of their leadership, and the ideal work environment. Generation Y is a very unique group, they are a different generation from the ones before. They are looking for instant gratification and they expect to be happy in whatever they do; they have superior technological skills, are better connected socially, are impatient for career success, and have a higher tendency for job turnover. Continuance commitment is a dimension of organizational commitment. It is the perceived economic value of remaining with an organization. According to a study, continuance commitment is related to a lower intention to quit but an increased tendency to be absent and lower job performance. As for it, generation Y’ers are quite different from the ones before. They are much more focus on themselves. If the job can not satisfy them, they may quit immediately and move to another job. They rarely consider the wages and the feelings of their families. For they think they have the capacity to do much more challenging work. And they think they deserve and can handle it. That’s a bit different with their fathers and grandfathers generation where you’d work for the same company until you retired or died. With high awareness of job satisfaction, the employee will perform better. There are many ways and strategies to improve generation Y’ers job satisfaction. Here, I’d like to raise three strategies about it. First, the company should broaden the flexibility of the job. Generation Y’ers want to find jobs with flexibility and telecommuting options that allow them to work yet at same time give them the opportunity to do more their own things. With flexible jobs, they are more willing to do their jobs, thus, they can be more efficiency and effectiveness with their jobs. Second, give more benefits to the employee, such as healthcare, vocation, sick time and raise their wages. With these...
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