Generation Gap

Topics: Unemployment, Employment, Higher education Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: May 19, 2013
I disagree with this position to a large extent.

Some people believe that the phenomenon in source 1 is mainly due to the generation gap between GenYs and their employers, as GenYs and employers are born in different generation, their language usage and ideas are quite different, eg: GenYs like to use slang and the elder people may like to keep traditional things but GenYs like to try brand new things. They may have communication problems while working or interviewing. Then, the GenYs may not fully express their meanings to employers and make conflicts and misunderstanding, which GenYs may lose or give up their jobs. However, while working, everyone should try their best to cooperate with others and change themselves to suit others. While GenYs are facing difficulties in communicating and having conflicts with employers, they are easier to give up and seldom change themselves to suit others. The reason behind of giving up or losing jobs among GenYs is not mainly because of generation gap but the parenting style nowadays which changes the GenYs attitude. The parents of GenY are more protective to their children compare with before, they help their children plan about their future and save money for the children’s future. These make the GenYs are less responsible and not really worry about losing a jobs, as their family will support their daily needs. Eg: there are more helicopter parents in recent years, they will plan everything for their children, for example: their study schedule, what food which more nutrients is provides, their tutorial class, and open band account for children to save money for the future. Their children seldom need to responsible to arrange their schedule and living, they know that they will know that if they lose the job they can still live and simply stay at home, they will less likely to face challenges and overcome them. Therefore, I think it’s the parenting style of GenYs develop a worse attitude and behavior to GenYs, that they are...
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