Generation Gap

Topics: Evolution, Generation Y, Creation–evolution controversy Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: January 13, 2013
since the industrial revolution was experienced in the United States, technological evolution has caused generation gaps between people. Advances such as computers and the Internet, space research and security systems are but a few of the systems that continue to evolve beyond the capacity of yesterday's technology-savvy people. Televisions in 2011 are quite complex. Even people who use gaming systems that have progressed from old joysticks to the reading of a person's physical movement for game play have surpassed those who were satisfied with the less complicated systems.

The evolution of clothing promotes gaps between generations, and has done so for years. This is often led by movie stars, rock stars and other artists. Ingenuity in clothing and the desire for the next item in demand continues to push clothing to new limits. What was once considered risque by grandparents is now acceptable and worn daily by grandchildren. As clothing changes and evolves, this generation gap often finds itself thriving in between parents and their children.

Language has been evolving for thousands of years. Nouns have become verbs; this often aligns with the technology evolution, along with increasing exposure to the Internet. Social sites and chat rooms have encouraged a new generation of language founded on acronyms and shortened phrases. Many people who are unfamiliar with this find themselves lost on social media sites and in chat rooms. Some of this language is carrying into the daily speech of some people. Oftentimes, questions are answered with, "I don't know, just Google it."

Always evolving, music has often been blamed for opening the gap between different generations. Messages change, styles change and there is always a push for the development of a new sound. Music brings back memories that people tend to hang on to. Because of this connection, people have a tendency to hang onto the music of their generation and may eventually...
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