Generating Test Cases for a C Program

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Generating minimal test cases for effective program test is a tool for generating test cases for a ‘c’ program. The main purpose of this tool is to automatically generate the minimum number of test cases for a given program to perform effective test on it. This document describes the software requirements for Test Case Generation tool. 1.2Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions

The intent of this document is to apprise prospective users of the proposed features of Test Case Generation for the purpose of solicitation of comments and suggestions. The current design is a product of preliminary discussions of data flow diagrams and desired features. This document covers only the current release; further functionality can be added to future releases. 1.3Project Scope

1.3.1 Aim and Objective
Misconception inputs will result in wrong functionality, in order to acquire the possible outcomes, a tool is to be designed which will diagnosis the code and generates the test cases which assist the tester. Primary objective of test case generation is that you can use insight of how the software is constructed to efficiently test it. This testing efficiency comes from having the ability to target specific areas of the code for testing, and also allows more efficient selections of test to run.

1.3.2 Motivation
One of the challenges while designing a tool to test the program is to check the efficiency of the code. Some reasons are:
While coding, developer will have greater degree of assistance. •In order to minimize the testing effort, minimal test cases are generated. •To effectively test the program
Writing Software Requirements Specifications A Technical Communication Community.html. 2.Overall Description
2.1Product Perspective
Testing a program with all possible test inputs is a critical task and also time consuming. Indeed tester also needs in depth knowledge of the code and also the programming language of the program to generate its test cases. Automatic test case generation is an important task in software development. This topic mainly focuses on white box approach which is based on the source code. Test Case generation is the process of identifying a set of test data which satisfies the selected test criteria. This approach, will detect path infeasibility in early stages in path selection. Although this technique can partially alleviate the infeasibility problem. Generating minimal test cases for effective program test tool provide the tester with the ability to target specific areas of the code for testing and also allow more efficient selection of the test to run. 2.2Product Features

It is useful to have a framework that generates Test Cases in an automated manner. The objective of this framework would be as follows: 1. Complementing the feature of White Box Testing that provides as a solution of internal code test. 2. This framework could serve as a useful checklist of all the critical features to be tested against the code. 3. From a tester perspective, it helps one assess the minimal number of test cases to test the entire program. 4. With this utility factor it calculates the Test Effective Ratio. 2.3User Classes and Characteristics

The main class of user of this program is
Main Flow:
1.The tester will import a ‘c’ program to test.
2.Once the program is executed, the tester will have the minimum number of test cases for the given program. 3.Tester will have a privilege to select the type of coverage he wants to perform for the test. 4.Based on the coverage selection, test cases will be generated. Alternate Flow:

1.The tester will import a ‘c’ program to test.
2.Once the program is tested, the tester views the test cases generated for the particular coverage. 3.Based on these inputs, test effective ratio will be generated.

2.4 Operating Environment
a.Generating minimal test cases for...
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