Generatin Gap

Pages: 6 (2071 words) Published: April 14, 2011
What is a generation gap?? According to the Oxford Dictionary it is a difference in attitudes between people of different generations. The key word here is "ATTITUDES". Now attitude is A way of thinking or feeling about someone or something. Thus this gives us a clearer picture of what a generation gap means and when it occurs." A generation gap occurs when older & younger people don't understand each other because of their difference in opinion, experience and nature". I for one feel that this difference is definitely existing in our society today. Let me explain.

Most of today's youth are deeply influenced by the growing reach of western standards and culture. To them it seems as the "Global" standards and the "In " thing to do. Everything about them today is influenced by the west. Be it Music, Fashion, Behavior, Trends, Clothing EVERYTHING. This I must add is good to a certain extent but beyond a certain leads to differences between the generations. Earlier when the extent of the reach of the west was just growing, people did well to avoid it. It is in our nature to go for something we believe is true and will make us a better person. It may occur but is also leading to many rifts in today's society. "It is one of nature's ways that we often feel closer to distant generation then to the generation immediately preceding us"

The next thing that I feel further aggravates the situation is today's education system. Earlier the importance to academics was not very important and there was not much competition. focus was on the all round development of a person. Sports, ECA, everything played a role. but today the focus has been shifted to academics. Learning by rote is very common. A student gives more time to academics. This leads to lesser time of interaction between parents and children. Parents too have a role to play in this by pushing the child beyond his limits and causing a "burnout" effectively making things worse. A recent study by a leading institute states that the amount of time spent with each other has effectively decreased by 75% over the last five decades.

We today live in a smart world. The internet and technology has also played its role. That a child spends more time on the computer is too obvious to dispute is obvious and I will not go further. But that a child's social skills suffer is a very alarming situation. Today we spend time chatting with friends and relatives seven seas across may seem a good thing, but we are also losing the same amount of time that could have been used for interacting with a person personally. Thus social skills also suffer. Even a telephone conversation is far better for improving social skills. Thus we are not able to express ourselves properly. This further bridges the divide.

Another difference that plays a role is the difference in upbringing. Earlier parents were authorative and children felt a bit scared to interact with their parents. Respect was invincible. Till date my mom is quite scared to speak to my "Nanu" (Grand father). But today the situation is more friendly. Children treat their parents like friends. This is another thing influenced by the west. Parents may or may not realize this due to the difference in upbringing and it is often treated as rude behavior and that today's children lack respect. In some cases it is even blamed on the school where the child studies." People often talk of the younger generation as if they never had anything to do with it". This further divides the gap.

There are a few more things that can be blamed. Lack of spirituality, The media etc. which play their part in their own way.

When I heard of this topic, like most of you would have I ran a Google search. But I didn't search for points or arguments, Instead I decided to let Google decide the truth. I ran two searches. One was Generation gap exists, the other Generation gap does not exist. Both were in quotes mind you. The result was quite convincing....
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