Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Topics: Cognitive behavioral therapy, Generalized anxiety disorder, Anxiety Pages: 3 (924 words) Published: November 27, 2007
Anxiety can take on many definitions. However, generalized anxiety disorder focuses on the events in everyday life. When someone like James in our case study, worries excessively about day to day events over a period of six months or more, they should seek treatment right away before the symptoms worsen. Researchers have still yet to find a cure for GAD. In this particular case study I will point out how the environment influences this disorder. These influences will include family, social class, interpersonal relationships, conditioning or learning theories, and culture. I will also include the psychosocial approaches that are commonly used to treat the disorder which include psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, group counseling, support groups, hypnotism, and biofeedback or relaxation techniques. Environmental Influences

The environment we live in and how we manage our everyday activities can have a great impact on the commencement of generalized anxiety disorder. Our case study subject, James, has found in increasingly difficult to overcome his anxieties about himself and his career. He goes to great measures to avoid any stressful situation. These anxieties have gotten him to the point where he can't hold a job or even think about getting another one.

"Similar to previous studies, we found that in addition to genetic factors, only individual specific environmental factors, not shared environment, influenced GAD". (Kendler et al., 1992; Roy et al., 1995). This tells me that genetics and biology have the most influence on this particular disorder. There isn't a lot of research on the environmental impact of generalized anxiety disorder, nor is there many studies conducted to be certain.

According to our text, "Increasing evidence shows that we inherit a tendency to be tense or uptight (Eysenck, 1967; Gray & McNaughton, 1996; Lader & Wing, 1964; McGuffin &Reich, 1984). As with almost all psychological disorders, and unlike hair or...
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