General Vision and Viewpoint

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General vision and viewpoint
Subject matter that reveals a bright or dark outlook
In the texts on my comparative course we find subject matter that is either largely depressing or optimistic, and thus suggests to us authors and texts whose outlook on life is largely pessimistic or optimistic. Lies Of Silence:

The subject matter of LS reveals a dark outlook. The central point of the text is on the dominance of the IRA in Northern Ireland, as they attempt to use the influence of a hotel manager, Dillon, to bomb an opposing political gathering at his hotel and later their blackmailing of him with threats to his wife’s life so as to keep masked the identities of those involved in the plan. Dillon is eventually forced to uproot and move to London, in an attempt to escape the IRA and the chaos they impose on his life. Dancing at Lughnasa:

Similarly ,DAL reveals a bleak outlook because of the subject matter it focuses on. The text focuses in part on the modernisation of Ireland. This reveals a dark outlook in life as many in the text struggle to adapt to this, such as Agnes and Rose who lose their knitting jobs because of the opening of a nearby knitting factory, reflecting the transformation of Ireland into a modern, economized country. Many in the country, unfamiliar to such a way of life, struggle to deal with this, such as Agnes and Rose who cannot work in such conditions. With no money as a result of their jobs lost to the more effective factory, they are forced to leave, emigrating to England, where they struggle even more. Michael finds Agnes dead and Rose in a hospital for the destitute twenty-five years later, indicating that modernization is not effective and beneficial to all – while it has contributing to turning our country into what we are used now, modernization left behind many who were used to life before its conception. Billy Eliot:

Like In DAL And Los in Billy Elliott the text concentrates on Billy’s family challenging his personal desires. Billy’s one desire is to dance, ballet dance , but must do in secret due to his father forcing him to take boxing lessons to carry on the family tradition. When Billy’s family discover he is using money his father works extremely hard for , for ballet lessons instead of boxing, Jackie Elliott Billy’s father is disgusted and outraged as this is “not what boys do” . When his dance teacher tells them about an audition Billy should attend in London, they forbid him from his passion, meaning that Billy must then dance in secret to satisfy his desire.

Characters that share a particular vision of life.

Another way the general vision and viewpoint of texts can be similar or different due to their characters sharing a particular vision of life. In each of the texts we see characters sharing a particular vision of life, in which they accept isolation as part of their lives, which suggests either a bleak outlook on life from each of the texts and their authors, as they portray life forcing characters to settle for a life in which they struggle or suffer.

Lies Of Silence:

In LS members of the world such as Dillon do not challenge his obstacles. He prefers to run from them, eventually leaving Belfast to begin a new life in London. This is similar to all in the world of the text; his wife Moira initially plans to challenge the IRA but eventually realises the severity of doing so and turns compliant, like Dillon.

Dancing At Lughnasa

DAL contrasts from LS as Kate attempts to challenge her obstacles in DAL, but this reveals a dark outlook. She attempts to bring Jack for walks each day in the hope that he will return to normal, return to the church, and go back to saying mass, as his paganism challenges her Catholic faith. However she cannot overcome this obstacle: Jack is too intertwined and fascinated with the working of paganism, proven with the death of the rooster near the text’s end, which it is presumed Jack strangled as a sacrifice. The text thus...
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