General Strain Theory

Topics: Sociology, Oppression, Intersectionality Pages: 1 (277 words) Published: May 29, 2013
DeJuan Lewis
Philosophy 101

According to Young, the definition of oppression centers on the injustices that a group of people suffer as means to further empower their oppressors. The oppress being oppressed suffering as a whole to find a place amongst the society they are currently living in. Oppression means the exercise tranny by a ruling group. A dominant political group like Germany’s Nazis party may use the term to describe societies of their own. Oppression can also refer to structure phenomena that immobilize or diminish a group.

By structure she means it can be divided into categories, exploitation, Marginalization, powerlessness, cultural imperialism, and Violence. Exploitation is what one would call pass down from one group to the other to satisfy the needs of the dominant group. Marginalization usually expels the participating groups from normal live, which deprive them of certain need that could lead them into extermination. Powerlessness, in this particular context refers to the way in which workers are divided into jobs with little or no autonomy and authority. Cultural dominance is the way a group experiences, cultural expressions and history are defined as superior to all other group’s experiences and histories. Last and finally Violence is used to keep a group in its place, and state sanctioned violence has been used to enforce certain regulations that can keep certain thing separate like race, culture, etc.

Most people in society experience one or more of these forms of oppression at some point in their lives. Most if not all-working people experience some sort of exploitation. Racism runs through each of these kinds of oppression, intensifying the experience of the five I explain above.
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