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In this assignment paper, you will find information as to why children and young people may need to be looked after and away from their families, and how the state are responsible in safe guarding children. Legislative policies and procedures help children and young people, roles and responsibilities of members in the child workforce in relation to looked after children, and young people, and an overall evaluation of the regulation of care provisions in the United Kingdom, which look after young people and children Why children and young people may need to be looked after away from their families by the state There are a number of reasons why a child may be ‘looked after’ by the local authority. Most often it is because the child’s parents or the people who have parental responsibilities and rights to look after the child are unable to care for him/her, have been neglecting him/her or the child has committed an offence (this is usually for teenagers). The local authority has specific responsibilities and duties towards a child who is being looked after or who has been looked after. These reasons can range from a guardian being too old to look after a child or a family brake down and the child may not have anywhere else to go. There are other family related reasons such as: •Parental illness or incapacity- (which can be cause by substance misuse, hospitalization or mental health issues) Children find themselves being looked after by the state for many reasons different reasons. For example their parents could be temporarily unwell or unable to cope and in that case the child may return to the family home when the situation gets better, during that time the if the child has nowhere to go to then they will be placed in a foster care system or in residential schools and the length of time they spend in those places will depend on the circumstances •Parents are suspected of maltreatment-

Maltreatment is when a child or a young person is treated in a rough way. When a child is suspected of maltreatment it’s important that the child be removed from that family immediately and placed in a safer place which may be with another family. This will also happen if the parents are suspected of abuse because the safety of the child id the most important factor. •Bereavement –

The children who are looked after are forced to face a great deal of pain and upheaval as their lives become disrupted as they would have lost someone they loved that was close to them. They may have been affected by damaging experiences such as abuse and rejection. As a result of bereavement many children may have problems with their education which might lead to them fallen behind in their education. In addition all of these reasons and more could potentially lead to a child having behavioural and emotional problems which will affect their life at home and in school as their behaviour may become erratic. Reasons to be taken away

The main reasons why children are taken away from their homes is to do with problems regarding the family and the most popular reasons are if the child is being abused or they have had an accident, the family may feel as though they are not capable of looking after the child therefore the child would be put in a place which Is better suited for his needs. For example there may be times when a parent realises that they are having problems with their parental responsibilities and that the child may benefit from having some time away from the parent / family home and once the situation has been improved the child will then return home to the family. However there are some cases where the situation does not improve and the parent is still deemed incapable of keeping the child, that said child will then be kept in care for longer or taken away from the parent permanently and put into foster care or be adopted There are some cases where it may not be the parents fault entirely, as the child or young person might...
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