General Rebecca Halstead

Topics: Leadership, Carly Fiorina, Management Pages: 4 (1522 words) Published: March 10, 2013
This paper will show how General Rebecca Halstead succeeded in the Army by artfully using the leadership principal of managing up, having a high level of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and by demonstrating the leadership abilities of a Theory Y leader. The paper will also contrast Halstead to other leaders who have failed in their attempt to bring changes to their organizations because they did not take into consideration the nature of the institution they wanted to change. General Rebecca Halstead showed very good use of the principal of managing up. Managing up is the ability to influence one’s superior through a variety of techniques. When Halstead was made Brigadier General and given a command in Iraq, her commanding officer told her he did not have any faith in her and he had every confidence that she would fail. Halstead used the persuasion principle of coalition. This is a principle that involves garnering support from others to influence one’s boss. After the meeting, General Halstead gathered her staff around her and told them what happened. Her staff, as well as her entire unit, rallied around her and committed to do whatever it took to obtain the certification necessary so that they would be deployed in Iraq as planned. Though she found her superior’s attitude disrespectful and reprehensible, she understood that he was her boss and she needed his approval if she were going to be successful in her career. Rebecca’s approach was in sharp contrast to that of Carly Fiorina at HP. When HP’s board of directors told her that she needed to change her management style and that her duties as CEO should be divided among other corporate officers for the good the company, Fiorina refused point blank in an attempt to use the persuasion principle of authority—but she had very little of it left by that time, and a month later she was ousted from HP. Another manage up principal that Rebecca used was ingratiation. Ingratiation is making oneself look good in the...
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