General Process of Manufacturing

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Manufacturing technologies are so economically important because they are the means for adding value to raw materials by converting them into useful products. Of the many different manufacturing processes, each is well suited to a particular need based on environmental impact, dimensional accuracy, material properties, and the mechanical component's shape. Engineers select processes, identify the machines and tools, and monitor production to ensure that the final product meets its specifications. The main classes of manufacturing processes are as follows:

In casting, liquid metal is poured into the cavity of a mold, which can be expendable or reusable. The liquid then cools into a solid object with the same shape as the mold. An attractive feature of casting is that complex shapes can be produced as solid objects without the need to join any pieces. Casting is an efficient process for creating many copies of a three-dimensional object, and, for that reason, cast components are relatively inexpensive. On the other hand, defects can arise if the metal solidifies too soon and prevents the mold from filling completely. The surface finish of cast components generally has a rough texture, and they might require additional machining operations to produce smooth and flat surfaces. Some examples of cast components include automotive engine blocks, cylinder heads, and brake rotors and drums.

One kind of a forming operation is called rolling, which is the process of reducing the thickness of a flat sheet of material by compressing it between rollers, not unlike making cookie or pizza dough. Sheet metal that is produced in this manner is used to make aircraft wings and fuselages, beverage containers, and the body panels of automobiles. Forging is another forming process, and it is based on the principle of heating, impacting, and plastically deforming metal into a final shape. Industrial-scale forging is the modern version of the blacksmith's art of working metal by...
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