General Motors with Lean Manufacturing

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  • Published: March 24, 2013
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General Motors with
Lean Manufacturing

An Introduction of GM Global Manufacturing System

Operations Management Team Project

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Ansan, December 2012


Part 1.Overview of General Motors2
1.1 Why General Motors?2
1.2 Introduction of General Motors3
1.3 Basic Information3
1.4 History of GM4
1.5 GM's family4
Part 2.Introduction of Lean Manufacturing4
2.1 Definition5
2.2 Lean and TPS5
2.3 Theme: Efficiency6
Part 3.GM’s Global Manufacturing System6
3.1 Application of Lean Manufacturing6
3.2 In-Progress Control and Verification7
3.3 Process Failure and Effect Analysis11
3.4 Quality Feedback/Feedforward11
3.5 Quality System Management13
Part 4.Comments14
4.1 Achievements beyond Efficiency14
4.2 A Too-Lean GM?15

Part 1.Overview of General Motors

1.1 Why General Motors?
First automotive industry has started in 1885 since Karl Benz and Daimler develop gasoline engine cars. The early automotive industry was expensive ,slow and didn't escape from the design of the wagon type. But The introduction of Henry Ford's conveyor belt is way as to be able to mass-produced, it became the beginning of popularization. U.S. automotive company seek to enter into the world in Europe ,since 1920's and by combining U.S..'s car production technology and Europe's brand value, Europe emerged as the largest market in the world. At the European economy will recover in 1950, U.S. has grown enough to occupy 80% in world market and Europe built a new product differentiation and diversification strategy in order to correspond to U.S. At this point should be noted that Japan's inroad into world market. Because of Korean war, Japan laid the foundation of growth and The 1960's, global automotive market is growing,...
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