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General Manager

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General Manager
Have you ever thought of being a GM of a team? In the National Basketball Association and Women's National Basketball Association, the general manager or GM of a team typically controls player primary responsibility on behalf of the team during contract negotiations with players. The general manager is also normally the person who hires and fires the coaching staff, including the head coach. The exact title and responsibilities held by a general manager can vary from team to team. Contract Negotiations

The NBA is a league that uses the salary cap. That is the amount of money the team can use to pay the players. General Managers negotiate a deal with players and their agents, so that they can make a deal that will help them team and the player. But, the thing is you can sign an amount of players with an amount of money. It is up to the general manager to find a way to give contracts to all the players whom he feels will help his team win without going over the salary cap. Trades

In some cases, there are players under contract to other teams that a general manager believes will improve his club. He must then look at his current roster and determine if there is a player that may be attractive to the other team, so a trade can be negotiated. The general manager will call his counterpart with the other club and discuss terms that are acceptable to both teams. Just as is the case with free agent contract negotiations, the general manager must make sure the new player's salary will fit under the cap. Scouting

Besides free agent signings and trades, general managers also try to improve their teams through the draft. College and international who want to enter the league are eligible to be selected by the teams, based on the previous season's performance, with the team with the worst record picking first. The general manager must lead scouting efforts, so he is aware of the skills of each player in the draft and has a sense of which players will be...

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