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Q 1.Who are the stakeholders in this case?
Ans 1. Customers, Consumers (Consumer Federation of America & the Congress of Consumer Organization, FCC , etc are the Stakeholders of the Company and all those groups or individuals who are directly or indirectly affected by an Organization’s Pursuit of its goals 2.Which stakeholders are most important?

Ans 2.Each and Every Stakeholders are Important for the Clients but elder customers are the Important Stakeholders in this case 3.What are the critical trends in Tri – State’s environment ? Ans 3.Godwin’s Company has recently proposed a new pricing system (latest rate Request) whereby users of local telephone services would simply pay for what they used rather the customer that the plan was fairer though some groups who used the phone with netable frequency (like real estate agents) would pay more. 4.Why do you think Tri – State’s customers are so upset ? Ans 4.Due to latest rate request the customers are s upset and they are protested with some sophisticated economic analyses in support of their case. There were a number of emotional appeals from elderly customers who regarded phone Services as their lifetime to the outside world .Godwin was unsure how to proceed - if he to be Backed off the new pricing plan, he would have to find a different way to meet the challengers of the future. He thought that the regulators were favorably disposed toward his plan. Infect Godwin himself believed the company should help its customers rather than fight with them. 5.What should John Godwin do?

Ans 5.John Godwin proposed a new pricing System whereby local telephone services would simply pay for what they used rather than a monthly flat fee. All the senior managers were convinced that even through some groups who used the phone with netable Frequency (Like Estate Agents) would pay more. The elderly were very light users of Local Service & could save as much as 20% under the new plan


Q 1.What economic and social factors should Fresh Fields managers watch? Ans 1.Managers is the way which values affect our attitudes towards organization and work itself for Example Employee participation in managerial decision making was once seen as simply means of improving worker morale .He should watch the warm relationship between the company & associates lies at the heart & about economic factors are generally critical to the success of an organization. Wages, Price charged by the suppliers & Competitors and costs of producing products or offering service s and market Conditions under which they are sold. All these factor vary over time and managers devote much of their organization time & resources to forecasting the economy & anticipating changes because economic change is norm rather than the exception this task has become more complicated.

Q 2.Suppose you manage a local supermarket and Fresh Fields comes to town. How would you reinvent your organization to meet the challenges posed by Fresh Fields ? Ans 2.First of all we convince the stakeholders & we keep customers satisfactions in mind .we do all such things which customers want s. We will store healthy food. We will offer organic and conventional produce, meats, seafood, dairy products. We will screens growers to find those who use natural method of pest management and apply the least amount of agricultural chemicals. We will consider our guarantee as an opportunity to be adventurous and to try new products, than completely satisfied with something you purchase at super market.


Q 1.What environmental factors influenced management style at Disney ? Ans 1.Disney is more about the employees brainstorm and create with support the...
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