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Divan is facing a very complex situation. He wants to resign but he also wants that his sweat and blood invested in the company does not go waste just because a wrong successor is elected. The case preety much gives us an idea that if a wrong guy is elected, it could ruin everything for the company.

In this case study, there are 3 options available for Divan viz.

i.) Promoting his protege, Ranjan, a visionary person with fire in his belly but no experience.

ii) Promotiog Richard, the man with experience but not aggresive.

iii) Appointing someone from outside the company.

Let us explore all 3 situations.

Ranjan is Mr. Divans protege. He is the man who has learnt all the tricks of the trade from the master himself. The man is a visionary and has what it takes to make the company prosper by leaps and bounds. With a fire in his belly as quoted by Mr Divan himself, he is the clone that Divan wants to see perform.

Solicitor Saxena argues that Proteges are never successful, but it is not a fact in totality. It depends on the situation. George Bush 2 can be said as the protege of George Bush, the former president of USA. He won the elections although he can be called as a protege of his father. Another fact that works in favour of Ranjan is that he is well versed with the management style of Divan which is well accepted and looked upto by the current employees.

The negatives of appointing Ranjan are that as Divan leaves the organisation, his aura and management styles might wither away with him and employees might not like the same styles adapted by Ranjan. Also, Ranjan has a lot of resentment among the board members. Although, the case study only says that Solicitor of the view that the board thinkgs so and so. It might or might not be true.

Richard Crasta is the man that solicitor Saxena thinks is suitable for the job. His choice for Richard is based on his experience in operations and his vast knowledge of knowing things inside out.According to the conversation between Divan and Saxena, we can say that, Richard Crasta is also acceptable to the board. The case does not discuss anything about employees reaction for Richard.

On the flipside, the case might be that Saxena wants Richard to be on the directors position and that is why he has shown resentment for Ranjan.   The third possibility is that the board can recruit someone from outside the organisation. The employees would think of this as a lack of managerial talent in the organisation which is demotivating and also against the current situation.   This option should be the boards last resort, as things might turn out preety ugly if the board recruits someone from outside the organisation.

Analysing the above possibilities, we understand that it might be so that Ranjan is disliked by only Saxena and the board is preety cool about appointing him as the successor. If that is not the case then , I think the best option would be for Mr. Divan to continue training his protege and mould him in a way which is acceptable to the board as well as in favour of the company. Divan must also try to convince the board to give Ranjan a chance to show his potential.   Once his protege is established, there is no way that the board would think about replacing him.


(a) Bring out the principles of promotion that were employed in promoting Jaggu.

• Jaggu was promoted recognizing his improved Qualification. • Jaggu excelled himself with every opportunity given to him • Promotion preceded by job analysis and performance appraisal

(b) What would you do if you were Ravi?

Ravi – Executive Vice(( President.
Positioning the right person for right...
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