General Investors and Prospective Investors Meeting: CEO's Speech

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  • Published : March 28, 2012
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Dear shareholders,
Ladies and gentlemen,
It is my utmost pleasure to be able to welcome you here today in Tek Comfort Zone (ITZ) General Investors and Prospective Investors Quarterly meeting. .
Tek Comfort Zone is the Caribbean premier producer of ostentatious “State of the Art Furniture” with electronic built-in and plug-ins accessories that provides superior comfort and quality solutions through custom design, manufacturing, installation and support. Our fast growing clients include Five Stars Hotels, business tycoons, celebrities and a host of others in the SHOW BIZZ. TCZ does not only strive to maintain its leading position as Caribbean “N° 1” State of the Art Furniture” Producer, but also to expand in novelty and quality that steers a higher level of customer satisfaction alongside profit maximization. This whole process has involved an integration of mission, objectives, implementation and evaluation; a proper time, cost, quality and human resources management: and a critical maintenance of all forms of motivations. The company is made up of 45 staff members. Briefly, it is headed by a CEO, with two Directors (Director of Production and Director of Budget) answerable to him. They direct the two sectors of the company (Production and Budget). The Budget sector has two managers (Purchase Manager and Sales Manager) answerable to the Director of Budget. Immediately under the Purchase Manager is the Accounting Supervisor, and directly under the Sales Manager is the Sales Supervisor. The Sales Supervisor oversees six employers while the Account Supervisor has five employees under his control. Meanwhile in the Production Sector only one manager (Manufacturing Manager) is answerable to the Director of Productions. Directly under the Manufacturing Manager are the Inventory Supervisor and Operations Supervisor. The Inventory Supervisor oversees 10...
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