General Guidelines for Case Write-Up

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General Guidelines for Case Write-up

Why Cases?
• Case studies contain real or hypothetical business situations. • Provide tools to effectively:
-Apply theories to real business situations
-Generate solutions to real business problems

Steps to Complete a Case Report
• Read the case carefully
• Determine the main problem and any associated problems • Establish the important relevant facts
• Analyze the situational factors (external, internal) • Apply course concepts or theories
• Develop alternative solutions, based on your analysis. • Recommend the best solution.
• Organize and write your case report

Writing a Case Report (suggested headings)
• Problem statement
• Analysis
• Research and Rationale (course concepts)
• Alternatives
• Recommendations
• Application

Problem Statement
• Overriding problem and its consequences if left unresolved • Associated problems and how they are linked to the key problem.

• External Environment
• Internal Issues
• Other analysis specific to case (eg competitive analysis)

Research and Rationale
• Identify appropriate concepts or theories
• Expand on theories and substantiate your arguments
• Try to apply more than one theory (max 3 per case)

• Briefly outline the key alternatives you have considered.

• State your solution (short-term and long-term).
• Explain how you arrived at the solution from your analysis. • Outline your implementation plan.
• Include the costs and benefits of your recommendations. • Explain how the solutions address the problems and show the limitations.

• Case studies help lead to management, leadership and personal reflections. • Explain how you might apply aspects of the lessons learned to yourself.

Format for Written Report

• Word document...
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