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Topics: Emotion, Interview, Truth Pages: 3 (730 words) Published: July 29, 2008
Frontline notes

Quotes –

“It’s not to protect us more to protect you” seems like it is ironic, because it also means, that the interview is hers. Once the exclusivity contract is signed, then Mrs Forbes is unable to talk to any other media competitors. This gives Frontline the edge, in that it has the interview that no one else can have. “Sorry Mrs Forbes, do you have any 9 volt batteries?” the batteries were wanted, to power the camera; this was used to capture Mrs Forbes emotion in its entirety. “Some other programs can be very scrupulous” this is ironic due to the faked persona shown by Brooke, pretending to be concerned, while conducting the interview. Showing how ruthless and cut throat the program is. This has even gone as far too make Mrs Forbes to sign an exclusivity clause. “He wouldn’t hurt the children would he?” Brooke asks Mrs Forbes, trying to get an emotional response from the interviewee.

General –

Real Journalism is meant to be about getting to the truth.

When Mrs Forbes is signing the exclusivities clause, she is distraught, and upset., Brooke has almost ‘taken advantage’ of this. While Mrs Forbes is distraught and unable to think about what she is signing, it is to push Frontline over the edge, with its ‘exclusive’ interview. This shows the remorselessness and ruthlessness of the media and its competitors how they will do anything to get their stories, and defeat their competition at any costs. The exclusivity clause allows Frontline to ‘block out’ any other competitors chasing the interview, helping to further Frontlines story. •It is not standard procedure for news programs to have an interviewee sign an exclusivity clause. When this is done in “the Siege” it is a portrayal of the money- driven, ratings – driven industry, that Frontline is in. •Camera work used in Mrs Forbes’s interview is positioned in a way that is to suffocate Mrs Forbes and used to sensationalise her character. •Trusting someone is part of truth...
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