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General Electric

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April 5, 2011
General Electric (GE)
“Imagination at Work”
1. Introduction

General Electric is a company recognized around the world for its innovations and technology. It has continuously reshaped the world in which we live with its groundbreaking ideas for over 130 years. The company asks the question, “why predict the future when you can create it?” This question exemplifies what the company stands for. GE is constantly creating new technology to help the world advance into the future.

GE began as a small company located in a barn in 1892. This small space would house the company’s first technological breakthroughs that would later ignite the imagination of the world. General Electric began as a company solely working on lighting and electricity. One of the very first projects the company took on was creating incandescent lighting. This was made possible by scientist William Coolidge, creator of the ductile tungsten filament that allowed for the incandescent light to be more durable. As time progressed, GE began to branch out and take on new and exciting challenges in the technological world. Today, the company consists of over 300,000 employees located all over the globe. These employees range from biochemists to financial specialists.

Although General Electric has significantly develop since the company’s inception, their mission remains the same – bringing innovate technology to the world. Not only does the company strive to uphold their mission, for the last 100 years, the company has become a large organization for volunteer work. GE takes part in local charities and organizations worldwide in more than 41 countries. The company also has financially supported senior citizens, children with autism, literacy for low-income communities, neglected urban spaces and many other programs that the company feels compelled to help. General Electric employees donate over one million hours every year to community service in the neighborhoods where they...

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