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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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Back in 1867 General Custer and five US troops were taken out by Native Americans. The United States wanted to get rid of all Native American culture by killing them or forcing them to assimilate to our white culture. Doing so created war between the two cultures, and General Custer was the leader for the whites against the Native Americans. The United States depended on the “great” General Custer to win the battle of land for them. Custer’s large ego got the best of him when he lost his life in a massacre of a battle that killed the majority of his men. Most people think that Custer was a war hero, but in fact, was a tyrant taking other people’s land by violence.

I liked that the video depicted General Custer for what he really was. He was not a great and amazing war hero that died a tragic heroic death. Custer was an arrogant man who ranked last in his class, yet somehow made it to General ranking at age twenty three. General Custer ruined many lives and destroyed the Native American culture with every Native village he passed through. He was also cruel to his soldiers; he would get all the food and shelter before anyone in his army. It led many men to being drunkards and suicidal.

I really liked the film because it showed the truth behind all the myths concerning the movement westward and the Battle of Little Big Horn. That the white people were the one stealing and acting like savages, not the Native Americans who were the true victims that only wanted peace and their own land. The use of actual photographs was amazing because it showed what it really looked like at that moment, instead of paintings where the truth of a battle could be stretched.
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