General Biology Ii Study Guide (Online Class)

Topics: Plant, Vascular plant, Cell wall Pages: 11 (2553 words) Published: April 22, 2013
1. Is the gametophyte stage dominant in Bryophytes?
Yes or No
2. Most plants have vascular tissue; these constitute the ________ plants. Vascular
3. Seeds can lie dormant for many years.
4. Bryophytes are small because they lack ______.
Vascular Tissue
5. Leaves increase the surface area for photosynthesis.
6. Seeds contain _____ inside of a protective coat.
Nutrient supply, embryo
7. Angiosperms produce seeds that are often enclosed by _____. Fruit
8. _____ transports water in vascular plant.
9. Pollen is usually dispersed by _____.
10. A ________________ is an embryo and nutrients surrounded by a protective coat. Seed
11. Which phylum includes ferns?
Phylum Pterophyta
12. ________________ are organs that anchor vascular plants. Roots
13. What is the difference in reproduction between a blueberry bush and a pine tree? Pine trees do not produce flowers and produce seeds that are not enclosed by fruit. Blueberry bushes produce flowers and produce seeds enclosed by fruit. 14. Seedless vascular plants reproduce via spores contained inside seeds. False

15. Experiment 2 in lab showed that _____.
Plants take up carbon dioxide.
16. Non-vascular plants are commonly called ______.
17. Which phylum are the moss in?
18. Bryophytes require _____ for fertilization to occur.
19. A fern is a seedless vascular plant.
20. Lab experiment 1 for this week clearly showed that _____. Aquatic plants will produce gas when exposed to light.
21. Gymnosperms do not produce seeds.
22. _____ transports sugars in vascular plants.
23. Describe two things that are unique to angiosperms that help them in reproduction. They have flowers and the ability of "double fertilization".

24. A ______ is a passageway for oxygen and carbon dioxide. They are holes in the underside of a leaf. stoma (pl. stomata)
25. Vascular tissue arrangement is directly related to the stem’s ability for _______________ growth. Secondary
26. Trichomes can protect a plant from predation by herbivores. True
27. The ground tissue cells called _____ cells are the most common type of plant cell and carry out photosynthesis. Parenchyma
28. Which part of the root would you look in if you wanted to find a cell going through mitosis (cell reproduction)? Zone of cell division
29. Which type of vascular tissue allows the movement of water and nutrients from the roots to the leaves? Xylem
30. What structure protects the root as it pushes its way through the soil? Root cap
31. All plant cells contain secondary cell walls.
32. _______________ meristems are located at the tips of stems and roots. Apical
33. Which type of plant tissue is for protection?
34. Which type of vascular tissue carries sugars to all parts of the plant. Phloem
35. The alternate form of leaf arrangement is the most common of the three types of leaf arrangement. True
36. What are plant cell walls made of?
37. Vascular plants have a have a specialized circulation system composed of [x] and [y]. X=Xylem, Y=Phloem
38. Which plant organ is a beet?
39. Guard cells are responsible for closing and opening the lenticellular maculation. False
40. The diffusion of water vapor from a plant is called ____. Transpiration
41. Some kinds of plants live without ever making contact with the soil. True
42. Which plant organ helps to anchor them in the soil and absorb water and minerals? Roots
43. Explain why the carnation changed colors in Experiment #2 in the Plant Circulation lab. The process of water moving through the vascular tissue of the plant. As the water moved through the flower it carried the dye with it. 44. Lateral meristems are found in plants that exhibit ____ growth. Secondary

45. The shoot system consists of the underground portion...
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