General Analysis of Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel's Coat"

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General analysis of the story entitled “Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel’s coat”

I am going to analyse the story entitled “Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel’s coat”. It was written by the American writer whose name is Roald Dahl. This story was written in a matter-of-fact style by means of the third person narration. The author doesn’t participate in this story, but he knows all the events. The story combines the elements of both: narration and dialogue. The author makes ample use of dialogue in this story. We cannot date this story exactly, but there are several place and time markers in the story. So we can surely detect that the story takes place in New York due to the words of the author and the literary period of time is winter due to the following words: “Christmas present”, “mink coat”. The plot of the story is unfolded around the Bixby family, so the story opens with the description of this family. The author from the very start lays bare that Mrs. Bixby has a lover whom she constantly visits in Baltimore. Also the reader is informed that her husband has no idea about this. Then the events of the story are developed swiftly. In the complication the reader informed that Mrs. Bixby got a mink coat from her lover Colonel as a farewell gift. Further the story provides us with the information that she didn’t know how to appear in front of her husband in this coat. So she decided to hand this coat in to the pawnbroker for fifty dollars, explaining it by the fact that she’d lost her purse and she needed money. But the fact was that she demanded the pawn-ticket which had no name and no address in order to say her husband that she had found it on the back seat of the taxi. The starting point of culmination was when Mrs. Bixby’s husband phoned her and announced that he had got that thing from the pawnbroker’s and that she had to come up to his office to see it. Also he added that the thing was exactly for her. A well-defined beginning and a series of closely connected events...
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