Gene's Responsibility for Fineas' Death

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  • Published : January 3, 2011
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Gene’s Responsibility

Gene is ultimately responsible for Finny’s death. Though he wasn’t the only person to have caused Finny to die, Gene did contribute to Finny dying the most.
 At first, Gene and Finny were best friends. Their friendship seemed perfect, as if nothing could stop it. Finny led and Gene let him lead and did pretty much anything that Finny wanted him to do. Gene even jumps off a limb of a tree because Finny wanted him to.
Later on, when they go to the Headmaster’s tea, Gene realizes that Finny can get away with anything. Because of this, Gene starts to envy him. At first, Gene thinks that just a little envy couldn’t hurt. Immediately after the “tea party” they are about to jump off the limb a second time, and Gene almost falls. Finny saves him, but Gene isn’t really thankful because it is Finny’s fault that he almost falls. 
 Then, Finny invents blitzball and he good at that, too. Gene ignores it and says that that’s what him and the other boys get for letting him make it all up. When Finny breaks the swimming record as well and refuses to let anyone know, Gene doesn’t believe it.
Later that day, Gene and Finny go to the beach. When they are done swimming and are ready to go to sleep, Finny tells Gene that Gene is his “best pal”. Gene wants to say that Finny is his best friend too, but can’t because something holds him back. Gene believes that it is a level of feeling, that is deeper than thought, and contains the truth.
The next day, Gene starts believing that he and Finny are rivals, but stops because he realizes that Gene and Finny are equal in enmity. Then, Gene realizes that Finny has set out to ruin his studies. After that, Gene becomes a better student, but he trusts Finny less. When Finny convinces him to go to another meeting of the Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session, Gene and Finny try to go together. When Gene is finally on the branch with Finny, Gene jounces the branch and Finny falls, breaking his leg. I think Gene...
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