Topics: Gender, United States Declaration of Independence, Abortion Pages: 1 (301 words) Published: May 19, 2013
In the southern Chinese city of Foshan, a baby --still fighting for life, was taken from his parents by hospital nurses, declared “unable to survive”, stuffed into a plastic bag and left for dead in the corner of a toilet cubicle.In India, nearly a million baby girls are aborted each year. In fact, it’s not just an Asian phenomenon — female foeticide’ In other words, gendercide, is taking place worldwide. Social conditions, economic reality, even the prospect of being able to provide adequate long-term care—all of these factors contribute to the decision to abort girls. A study estimated that 160,000,000 females are missing on our masculinizing planet. Hvistendahl writes, "sex selection has resulted in an imbalance of over 100 million more men than women worldwide." It is no exaggeration to say sex ratios and global security are inextricably linked. This imbalance will create the ideal circumstances for increased violence, aggression, risk-taking, political instability and militarism during the next 50 years. As a girl, I have more than a niggling belief that in a world where violence is pervasive and girls are sold being a rare commodity and married without consent in an increasingly violent world will not result in a beneficial, radical new world order. Now, this risk, almost threatening all of us. Such a situation demands the changes both of society and individual, which lie in not the justice of social benefits, the equality of sex value, but the respect of women reproductive rights as well as the dismissing of sexism. All men are created equal. Thomas Jefferson wrote it in the Declaration of Independence; Martin Luther King appealed it in his dream; Thousands of mem and women marched for it in history.Now, what our new generation can do to bring it work ?
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