Gender a Discussion

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Gender a Discussion
Gendering has become a way for sociologist to view the changing social structure in today’s society. With the sexual revolution of the sixties academics worked to develop a means to label the different attitudes of the new generation emerging. In the documentary Gender: The Enduring Paradox they interview the very young and old white male and female subjects, a noted African American female poet, and an Asian female writer/director. The interviews with the young have leading questions about gender roles and requirements. The elderly give an accurate account of what was taught to them for their generation. The poet infuriated me with her talk of no positive roll models for African Americans and that children raise in single parent home have identity crisis. The writer was the most honest for the stereo type for Asian was on the mark. Judith Lorber a noted sociologist in her essay “The Social Construction of Gender” puts to much stock in the belief that people are uneasy if they can not tell if a person or child is male or female. In both the documentary and essay they describe gendering as how children are dressed and taught. These may contribute to a person’s gender but biological factors have more results than a mother dressing a girl in dresses or pants.

The gendering of the next generation is altered by the few free thinking people of each previous generation. In past generations it was not acceptable for women to work, through a few women, who were driven to change the status quo, things have changed. Their have been men and women through the years that have constantly strived to make difference. These differences include the blurring of the gender and race lines. Lorber in her essay constantly is describing the interaction of males and females as gendering. She makes these items out to be major contributors to how people feel. I think she puts to much stock in the idea that how we dress our children and ourselves dictates our...
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