Gender Studies: Mocking Jay

Topics: Gender, Cognition, Masculinity Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: November 27, 2012
John J
January 20, 2012
Gender Studies Mockingjay

“Katniss will pick whoever she thinks she can’t survive without” (Collins 329).

In this passage Gale and Peeta are talking to each other while Katniss over hears them. They are in the middle of their mission on capturing president Snow. They think that Katniss is asleep, while Gale says Katniss will pick whoever she thinks she can’t survive without. Katniss conforms to gender stereotypes by being confusing, indecisive, flirty and playing two different people. Katniss shows affection for both Gale and Peeta and confuses both of them throughout the novel on which one she actually loves. Stereotypically, women are confusing people that males can’t understand. This is mostly the case for Peeta getting sent many mixed messages which I think can be common IRL (In real life). Katniss is indecisive and plays both Gale and Peeta. Although judging by this quote Gale is basically saying she will choose Peeta, because Katniss says she can’t live without Peeta. Katniss follows gender stereotypes. Also I find that katniss is not really trying to be manipulative she is just indecisive she can both seem similar, just Katniss has no bad pretentions. Although I think both are stereotypes. Katniss is unsure throughout most of the series until it comes it to question saving someone or killing someone. Katniss never really knows what to do until for example, saving Prim or killing Snow. She never knows whether to fall for Gale or fall for Peeta. She does not know what to do in District Thirteen and does not know what to do in the games or choosing teammates for the games.
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