Gender Struggles

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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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Men VS Women: Gender Struggles

Robert Zeiger
Catherine Bristow
GE 217 Composition 2
March 6, 2013
Gender Issues

Males and females both face great trials and hardships throughout their lifetimes. Although the two both endure their share of adversities, it is always harder for one gender than the other. In this country it has always been the male figures that receive special treatment and circumstance. Since the founding of our great country, The United States of America, it has been women that have faced the greater and more daunting challenges. Our ancestors founded the first American colony in 1585. Ever since that day it has been a long and tedious journey for woman as a whole. Women were expected to hold the future of our country in their hands while, at the same time, they were looked at as lesser beings (Goldberg). Women were not given the same luxuries as men, but they were made to endure much greater responsibilities as well as workloads (Buchanan). Women were expected to bare children, take care of the home, wash the clothes, farm, and cook. They were responsible for making linens and clothing, taking care of their men, and many more tasks (Goldberg). As time went on America, as a people, expanded and progressed. As a country we began to better ourselves and pave the way for future generations. One thing that remained the same throughout the years, decades, and even eras was the social status of American women (Goldberg). By the time the 1900s rolled around men were still being handed luxuries that women were not fortunate enough to be a part of or participate in (Buchanan). Women were still not allowed to vote, and taking care of their family’s every need was still an assumed responsibility; however, supporting the family financially was unheard of (Goldberg). In 1903 American women finally caught a break when the National Women's Trade Union League was established. This organization was developed to advocate for improved wages and working...
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