gender roles: reversal

Topics: Gender role, Writing, Literature Pages: 1 (336 words) Published: April 14, 2014

Annotated Bibliography
Jaffe, Janice A. “Latin American women writers’’ novel Recipes and Laura Esquivel’s Like Water forChocolate Tamar and Moran 199-213
This is an article among many others which address the different themes throughout Like Water for Chocolate. Specifically focusing on the deferred norms of women. Janice A. Jaffe supports her findings by comparing Esquivel’s work to Helena Maria Viramontes who also creative process was in context with cooking and being in the kitchen. This essay is written to depict the work of Esquivel in relation to others workings including women and their role in the Kitchen how that influenced the book itself. Throughout the article there are a wide range of scholarly people who either praise Esquivel’s work or show their criticisms to her creative writing.

This essay has given my ideas for my paper by broadening my understanding on Like Water for Chocolate, by going in depth and giving critics on other themes and subgenres it helps give better insight onto my main focus gender roles. So not only does it give a wide range depiction of Mama Elena, Tita and other female characters characteristics pertaining to just gender role but by describing the expectations of a latin woman from the social and political perspective I can go into further dept in my paper on the lack of the “norm” throughout the book. Segovia, Miguel A. “Only cauldrons know the secrets of their soups: Queer Romance and Like water for chocolate” New York: Palgrave Macmillan, Alicia Gaspar de Alba. Pp 163-178 This particular article focuses on the different borders of the plot, class, ethnicity and gender during Like Water for Chocolate, written for readers who understand the many literary works one may have and understand that this a creative work. This piece argues with comparisons to another Latin literature piece The house of Bernarda Alba, this piece as does Lie Water for Chocolate holds many accolades from the same origin. Miguel...
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