Gender Roles Played in an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang

Topics: Outlaw motorcycle club, Motorcycle club, Harley-Davidson Pages: 6 (970 words) Published: May 30, 2012
Gender Roles Played in an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang

One of the most secretive, dangerous, and exclusive groups of people in our modern

society are the remaining outlaw “1%” Motorcycle gangs. “ The biker gangs remain

exclusive by extensively testing any potential member until they are worthy of being

“patched into” the club. Any non-member who associates with the club, for either business

or relations, must also be highly trusted in order to avoid any trouble from authorities. The

club relies on a strict code of rules and requirements to guide them and ensure the survival

of their organization. Arguably the most important requirement for any club member is they

must be male, no exceptions. Although females are permitted to be associated with the

club, the idea that they cannot be members automatically separates them and helps the

different roles they play. Like many other cultures, biker gangs keep males in charge of the

operation. In order to keep money coming in, every member is expected to do whatever is

asked of them, this could mean extortion, robbery, or even murder. Aside from making

money, the members are also expected to provide protection for the club and the people

involved. The members are also responsible for keeping the club alive by gathering new

recruits and expanding operations if desired. Females, on the other hand, play a much

different role when it comes to club operations. The roles female club associates play has

much to do with their age and social status. If a female is married to a club member, they

refer to her as an “old lady”. The “old lady’ is mainly responsible for taking care of any

children she may have, and looking after the younger females associates. On the other

hand, the younger female club associates are expected to keep the clubhouse clean, serve

food and drinks to members and guests, and give sex to any member or guest who wants

it. Like many other cultures, outlaw motorcycle clubs are dominated by males whose job is

to provide, while females are considered subordinate and expected to nurture.

Keeping the club alive and preserved for the future is arguably the most important

task the club as a whole is faced with. Almost everything the club does revolves around

this basic idea. On a smaller scale, the club members are expected to perform different

tasks depending on rank. At the bottom of the totem pole are the “prospects” who are the

potential members in the process of being “patched into” the club. At this level, their job is

to perform any task delegated by any member of the club. This could be anything from

getting them a beer to committing a serious crime. The member’s who have been patched

in and are low to middle ranked are the money makers. These members are the one’s

extorting businesses, selling drugs, or even pimping women. Another common job these

members are given is to kill whoever the higher ranking members want dead. This way if

they get arrested and go to jail for life the club wont suffer a major loss, and will be

confident that their member wont rat. The club president and other high ranking members

focus on the big picture. These men plan control business and club operations on a larger

scale by planning operations and business strategies. The club’s members are the

leaders of the group who protect and provide as a whole.

Although Women cannot be in the club itself, that does not mean they do not play

specific roles that are important to its members and the other people associated. The roles a female plays depends on who she is and who she associates with in the club.

If the female is an “old lady”, which is a club member’s wife or significant other, she is

expected to make income a first priority. The old lady must give all her earning to her old

man, from whatever job she may have. “Bikers...
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