Gender Roles Intro

Topics: Gender, Woman, Female Pages: 2 (437 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Mindy Ou
Mr. Bridges
English 12
28 Jan 2013
Historically and sexist speaking, women are discriminated because of gender. And issues arose because of this. Even in the beginning 1990’s there was a big gender gap in American history. It still goes on even today. Women get paid lower in income, suffraged in elections, and are abused domestically. Money wise, job amounts of payments are not getting distributed proportionally. There’s a big difference within a male’s annual income and a women’s annual income. When battles strike, back in the days during World War I and II, women were being used more for labor and mass production. They were faced with difficult tasks to take care of children, and also learning how to make weapons to equip their husbands who were soldiers at that time being. On top of that, women didn’t really have much of a say in things politically. Differing in men, majority of them didn’t even have the right to vote. Not until the nineteeth amendment was approved and valid in law, this kind of situation still continues because today, not a lot of people are willing to support a woman as a possible president. Previously in the 1990’s, a famous woman known very much for bravery to step up onto to the plate was a well known lady named Rosie, the riveter. She was qualified as someone with lots of spirit, and moved with an ambitious aura. In the past decades, women were already discriminated again for their lack of manliness and whoever was identified not as a male with a spot in masculine gender. If you were clearly a female, many privileges would be lost or not offered. The background behind gender gaps dated all the way to the beginning of mankind. In the making of history, women however gained more and more rights. Still progressing and building fortitude, valiancy to be bold is still expanding. Women equality in all subjects is being raised to a higher power. This starting point as a preceding base bought more new resources and...
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