Gender Roles in the Family: Change and Stability in Vietnam

Topics: Marriage, Gender, Husband Pages: 59 (12683 words) Published: March 31, 2013
John Knodel, Vu Manh Loi, Rukmalie Jayakody, and Vu Tuan Huy

Gender Roles in the Family: Change and Stability
in Vietnam

PSC Research Report
Report No. 04-559
May 2004









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PSC Publications

Population Studies Center, University of Michigan
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Gender Roles in the Family:
Change and Stability in Vietnam

John Knodel
Population Studies Center
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI

Vu Manh Loi
Institute of Sociology
Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences
27 Tran Xuan Soan
Hanoi, Vietnam

Rukmalie Jayakody
Department of Human Development and Family Studies
Pennsylvania State University

Vu Tuan Huy
Institute of Sociology
27 Tran Xuan Soan
Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences
Hanoi, Vietnam

Acknowledgements: This research is supported by a grant to the Population Studies Center, University of Michigan from the Fogarty International Center (2 D43 TW00657-06). This report was presented at the conference entitled “The Changing Asian Family: A Support System With Holes?” Singapore 24–26 May 2004.


Throughout Asia and in much of the rest of the developing world, major social, economic and political change has been occurring during recent decades that potentially can profoundly impact key institutions within these societies, including the family. Vietnam, is certainly no exception. During the last half century Vietnam has experienced prolonged periods of war, political unification, social and economic upheaval, and starting in the latter part of the 1980s, a shift from a centrally-panned to a market-based economy. Together with the process of economic reform, referred to by the Vietnamese as doi moi (literally “New Change”), the government also launched the mo cua (“Open Door”) policy resulting in an extensive opening to the outside world, especially to the non-communist block, and exposing Vietnamese society to the forces of economic and cultural globalization. Among the many features of family life that are potentially affected, changes in gender roles, including the division of labor and responsibility between husbands and wives, are clear candidates. An additional potential force influencing change in this aspect of family life is the explicit interest of the Vietnamese government to promote gender equality. Moreover, the heightened importance of gender issues and the empowerment of women over the last decade, as promulgated by the UN, numerous other international organizations, and major donor agencies active in...
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