Gender Roles

Topics: Gender role, Homemaker, Housekeeping Pages: 2 (421 words) Published: April 8, 2013
It is a fact that men still demand women to do household chores despite her working circumstances. Household chores have been naturally regarded as women’s duty since long before. Women in the old generation were considered a minority even in so-called advanced societies. They had more restrictions on education and career. Consequently, they had no choice but to stay at home engaging in housekeeping. Women in this generation, however, tend to get education in a minimum of college degree equivalent to men, and are inclined to pursue their dreams in the public sphere. As a result, the concept of traditional gender role, women should be in charge of house chores, causes a number of serious problems in terms of birth rate, family, and economy.

The advent of women into society brought about low birth rate, which is widely known as one of the most serious social issues in 21st century. Since child’s upbringing and household chores at the same time can be a burden while accomplishing their career, they tend to be reluctant to raise 2 or 3 children which were the average decades ago. Instead, they prefer having only one child. According to recent data, birth rate has drastically decreased by 2% since 2009. To avoid unexpected pregnancy, they take birth control pills and even take a dramatic measure, abortion.

A biased idea of household chores might produce domestic disparity. Working moms have a tendency to pay less attention on the house work, which might upset their husband. Consequently, it can lead to disagreement, Women insisting to divide the house work, whereas men sticking to traditional gender roles. This could end up with divorce. There are a few cases of divorce due to household chores.

As the education level of women gets higher, the customary concept of gender roles might disturb the opportunity of economic development. A competency of women is well spread out by all over the world. Modern society, however, is inclined to underestimate the...
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