Gender Roles

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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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Gender: Expectations, Roles and Behaviors
In this chapter, we generally talk about the gender and sex. Gender is determined by your physical body. It decided by your gene. Sex can be adjusted as who you think you are. You can identify yourself as man or woman as you feel it is more comfortable. Before 20th century, the sex problems are barely heard from the public until George Jorgensen, who is the first transgender person and reported in the world-wide media. She opened the topic to the public and helped the transgender person to face the world. However, gender can be affected by naturally or nurture. Naturally, people may face the chromosome disorder. The development of gender identity is cause by biological factors. They will birth as female or male, but don’t have the sign of what they are. Or they are male or female, but they also have other genital which they should not have. Those are nature occurs and human cannot control it. The development of gender identity is also effected by environmental and experiential forces. While considering biological factors, congenial adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) causes the adrenal glands of effected individuals to produce large amounts of male hormones beginning before birth and continuing throughout their lives. Although boys who are affected by CAH normally develop usual patterns of se-typed behaviors as their peers, girls tend to be found with many sex-atypical behaviors. The environmental and experiential forces affect gender identity through the process known as socialization. As the society has certain expectation on people based on their sex, gender roles are created to satisfy those expectations. Children learn about gender roles by observing the attitudes and behaviors they see around then. Parents, peers, teachers, and the media greatly mold and shape their concepts of gender role. Since gender roles can differ from one's sexual anatomy, gender may not always be the right indicator of his or...
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