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Gender Role

By | March 2011
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“Changing Gender Roles from Past to Present in South Asian Communities”

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Miss. Rojina Parajuli

A gender role is a theoretical construct in the social sciences and humanities that refers to a set of social and behavioral norms that, within a specific culture, are widely considered to be socially appropriate for individuals of a specific sex. Proponents of gender role theory assert that observed gender differences in behavior and personality characteristics are, at least in part, socially constructed, and therefore, the product of socialization experiences; this contrasts with other models of gender that assert that gender differences are "essential" to biological sex. Gender roles can also be defined as the behaviors and attitudes expected of male and female members of a society by that society. Gender roles vary. Different cultures impose different expectations upon the men and women who live in that culture. South Asian region is geographically bordered by China in the north, Arabian ocean and Arabian Gulf Countries in the west, Indian Ocean in the south and Myanmar and Indian Ocean in the East. The countries of this region are India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Maldives. This is the one of the most densely populated region which is home to about two billion people. But sadly this region is one of the poorest regions where average per capita income is less than $1000. In spite of that this region has a very past history counting about more than 5000 B.C. and a rich culture. Talking about the Cultural Heritage this region is home to Sindhu Civilization: One of the oldest Civilizations (in Pakistan). Birth place of Buddha also known as “Light of Asia” (in Nepal) is also in this region. Mount Everest: Highest peak of the world also lies in this region. Along with these there are many more Temples and Mosques having history from very past in this region. Most of people in this region are...

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