Gender Relation

Topics: Gender, Male, Popular culture Pages: 4 (1115 words) Published: December 26, 2011
Gender Relation – Popular Culture and the Mass Media

Q1: Describe and discuss the content analysis of children’s library book.

- In 1970s the movements of feminism provoked a new interest in the analysis of gender and for the focus of researches. The mass media and popular culture have been the centre of gender analysis for researchers, which they investigated the different roles of men and women in society. Men and women have different roles in the society and content analysis introduces the aim to measure the frequency of these differences in particular roles and situations. Some researchers also stated that there are noticeable differences between men and women in the society and they are not equal, whereas some of them claim the opposite. American researchers (Grauerholz and Pescosolido, 1989) had an investigation of children’s library books and they realized that males’ characteristics are preferred more than women’s from 1990s to 1984s. Many authors use three male characters for one woman character in the stories. Hence it is not balanced between two genders and that difference was very significant in 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. In addition, male characters are the most conspicuous heroes in such books. Also it was assumed that the authors used males for animal characters in 1980s. From my point of view, this situation affects the progress of children’s education, which is not healthy in education system for their futures.

Q2: Describe and discuss how the content of magazines could help to shape masculinities and femininities.

- Studies, shown in magazines, aim to investigate the status of popular culture in order to shape masculinities and femininities. According to the studies, women’s magazines are different than men’s magazines in terms of their contents. Women’s magazines have tendency to contain personal relationship especially with men, appearance, beauty and style. Articles, advertisements and advice columns include encouragement...
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