Gender Mainstreaming in Descriptions of Duties and in Recruitment Procedures

Topics: Gender equality, Gender, Male Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: November 1, 2012
Gender mainstreaming in descriptions of duties and in recruitment procedures The job description | Does the job description show that the candidate(s) need to incorporate a gender perspective in the analysis of economic, social, political and environmental factors related to the world of work? | Does the job description show that the candidates(s) need to take the gender context into consideration and identify gender inequalities if any in analyses, research, and advocacy related to the organisation’s strategic objectives? | The vacancy announcement |

Does the call for applications encourage under-represented groups to apply? (Given the sex balance in the office by hierarchical level and prevailing sex stereotypes about the job being advertised, e.g. male drivers / female secretaries) | Does the vacancy announcement or job description specify that gender equality issues should be addressed and reported upon? | If specific gender expertise is required for the post, is this included in the vacancy announcement and/or job description? | The interview process |

Does the written test include a measurement of the gender awareness or expertise of the candidates? | Is an official with gender expertise present in the selection panel? | The contractual process |

Will the selected candidate receive a proper contract and will the fundamental national labour standards and maternity protection be ensured in the personnel and subcontracting policies and procedures. |

Gender mainstreaming in planning for, running and reporting on meetings and workshops Preparation |
Does it call for the sex balance of participation in seminars, workshops and conferences? | Have you invited related participants and partner organisations that are capable of contributing to the achievement of gender equality? (e.g. Gender in Development Division, gender focal points/women’s desks, NGOs working on gender equality, gender/women’s studies departments in Universities)...
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