Gender Issues Found in Titanic

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Gender issues found in Titanic

*The difficulties facing Rose's relationship with Jack. If the genders were reversed- Rose was a man, Jack a woman- there would have been little or no comment about a man of high social class in a sexual relationship with a woman of low social class, provided he was discrete and didn't attempt to marry her. It would have even been expected to a degree, "Sowing wild oats" as the saying goes.

*Rose expected to marry, and the view that marriage was her only legitimate way of advancing herself in life.

*Rose not being able to express her own opinions (not being allowed to order her own food by Cal) not having control over her own body (Cal expecting her to sleep with him, and throwing a violent hissy fit that Rose would have been expected to tolerate; the massive scandal that would erupt if her sexual relationship with Jack ever became common knowledge, see above points).

*Rose's painful and constricting dresses; indeed, the painful and constricting dresses that nearly all women wore in the movie.

*The presumption that Rose needed to be rescued, by both Cal and Jack; 'women and children in the boats first', which sounds nice until you consider that the statement implies (to a degree) that women are incapable of looking after themselves in a crisis.

*Rose's mother's horror and helplessness in the face of bankruptcy. She was incapable both by nurture and society's expectations of working for herself or looking after herself.

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