Gender Issues

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Gender issues in India and Trinidad .
Gender issues in India
1)Female Infanticide and female feticide:
Female Infanticide is the abortion or killing of a baby because of the female gender .This can either happen by abortion or within the first few years of birth .The murdering of the female child is carried out by either suffocating ,poisoning ,neglecting the child by ignoring their health issues ,by not feeding the child daily etc. There are more men than women in India , the ratio men to women is higher in some states of India such as in Punjab and Haryana. The traditions have a big part, their culture ,their beliefs .They believe that sons are very important in their generation because it is said that the sons carry the family’s surname ,they inherit the family’s wealth, take care of their parents in old age and is responsible of taking care of their parents funeral arrangement . It is believed in their culture that the women are not productive. Daughters a gets the stigma of not being valueable within their families because they marry and move to their husband acquiring his surname . There is a tradition that the family of a bride have to pay dowry to the groom and therefore it is the equal amount to three years salary within the poor family . 2)Marriages

Most marriages in India is arranged .Arranged marriages is legal in India but the legal age for males is 21 years and females 18 years old. 3)Education
4)Trafficking, slavery

SIMILARITIES OF GENDER ISSUES IN INDIA AND TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO In both countries there are similar issues within certain cultures about gender issues. Such as attributes and behavior that is appropriate to women and men .It is said that there is clear patterns of “women’s work “ and “men’s work” within the household ,community and society .In the muslim family in both countries women most of the time are portrayed as inferior beings. The men are considered head of the family .

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