Gender Inequality

Topics: Gender, Marriage, Woman Pages: 2 (780 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Gender inequality has existed in Asia society for centuries. Due to a better education and glorification, this issue has been reduced from generation to generation. Even though the influence of inequality is not as massive as before, but it does still continue to happen in today lives. In fact, gender inequality has resulted in many consequences on human with both family and community factors. First of all, men seem to be a leader and the only decisive person in every situation in a family. Without an agreement from a husband, things cannot be accepted or completed by other people. A wife has no rights to express ideas or suggestions and that is why her husband keeps bragging or discriminating on her. What she could do is to take care of homes, children or to please her husband. Actually, it is not because of her disability or knowledge, but an unavailable chance in giving opinions instead that leads her stay under her husband’s power. As a result, a conflict always occurs when a husband has too many responsibilities in the family, he must feel stressed or pressured whenever he challenges the obstacles alone with no understandings from a wife. One salary cannot support the whole family and possibly a divorce can appears at anytime if there is no warm, balance or forgiveness. A house should be a place for us to live in happiness and imagine if children see their parents are in trouble or argue every day, they have no feeling to focus on studying or in a serious way they might escape from home to go other places or do others things that will harmful to them. As my own experience, my high school friend who was an outstanding student in class and no one could completely compete with him. Unfortunately, his parents got divorced and lived separately; no one gave him such a good care or encouragement anymore. He gave up on studying and practiced bad deeds like drugging, smoking, going to club or even involving in illegal activities and his future is totally ruined. We...
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