Gender in One Who Flew over Cuckoos Nest

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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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Thesis: In the novel One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Ken Kesey, through their quest of emasculating the opposite sex and in contrast as objects of pleasure; reverses typical stereotypes and portrays women as the authority figures in society.

Paragraph Claim 1: Nurse Ratched, whose power is expressed in bluntly sexual terms despite her attempts to deny her sexuality, maintains her authority on the ward by suppressing the patients' laughter.

Sub Claim 1: Nurse Ratched is the overwhelming force over the hospital; she controls the hospital with a stern fist. She shows no compassions towards any of the patients or any of her co-workers. Dr. Spivey, who you would think would have more "say" over a Nurse because of his qualifications as a doctor, but has none compared to the "Big Nurse". Evidence 1: "The doctor talks about his theory until the Big Nurse finally decides he's used up time enough and asks him to hush so they can get on to Harding, ..." (47). Commentary: This reflects on the 60's idea that men should hold all controlling positions, and women should stay home and be housewives and shouldn't work. Ken Kesey wanted this effect that there is an opposing woman in charge, but has the strict manners of a man. Paragraph Commentary: As Nurse Ratched is attempting to keep control of the patients through their laughter, she is proving to them then even if she may be a woman, she has more control than most of the men in the insane ward. Although women are portrayed as lower figures than men, they can still have some types of actions that prove that differently. Paragraph Claim 2: Mrs. Bibbit gains her power by preventing Billy, her son, from becoming a functioning adult, and because of this relationship that Billy eventually commits suicide. Sub Claim 2: At first Mrs. Bibbit does not seem to understand that Billy is a mature adult and able to function in society, but it soon becomes clear that this is merely an excuse for her own self-admiration. Evidence 2:...
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