Gender in Coflict Perspective

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  • Published: March 9, 2013
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On the basis of the movie “Night and Fog (天水圍的夜與霧)” discuss the causes of the Tin Shui Wai family tragedy happened in 2004. What conflict perspective would you apply to explain the tragedy?

1. Introduction
In 2004, there is a family tragedy happened in Tin Shui Wai. I’m going to discuss the reason behind the tragedy and try to apply some feminist point of view to explain it. First I am going to discuss why Mr. Lee would perform domestic violence, then I will discuss why people did not help Mrs. Lee..

2.1 Reasons of Performing Domestic Violence - Job
Mr. Lee is a typical Chinese male. He stressed on how people think of him very much (00:24:35). The main argument between the couple is Mr. Lee cannot withstand his wife working as a waitress. 2.1.1 Reduction of the amount of money from CSSA scheme

First reason of his intolerance is that this would make him bear a risk to reduce the amount of money he receives from the government by CSSA scheme.

2.1.2 Worry and Distrust
Second reason is that he was worrying that his wife is going to find another man. In Chinese’s custom, if the wife had a relationship with another man, that implies the husband are not good enough, or as a loser. As I said before, Mr. Lee care about how people think of him very much, therefore he could not accept his wife’s act make him as a loser in other’s mind.

You may say “even Mrs. Lee goes to work, it does not necessarily equal to she is going to find another.” The main point of this issue is Mr. Lee is much older than Mrs. Lee. In this situation, most people, including Mr. Lee himself, would wonder whether the wife really love the husband or not. In the movie, Mr. Lee repeated saying that they are true love. However, in the climax (01:48:20), Mr. Lee said “you only care about the daughters, don’t you?’’ This implies that Mr. Lee had a feeling that Mrs. Lee does not care about him or Mrs. Lee loves their daughters far more than loving Mr. Lee from the beginning to the end. This leads to Mr. Lee kill the whole family because he thought Mrs. Lee disappointed his love, i.e. not love him enough, and was jealous his daughters for gotten Mrs. Lee’s love. So, because of distrust, Mr. Lee always interpreted Mrs. Lee is going to leave him. 2.1.3 Gain Feeling of Success and Power

Third reason is psychological factor. We can see in the movie, when Mr. Lee rape his wife, he forced her to confirm he is the man helped her to have nowadays’ situation. This reflects his want of identity, the want of being confirm his contribution to the family. Because of Mrs. Lee always asks Mr. Lee to go to find a job, and says they are robust, should not rely on CSSA, which implies that Mr. Lee is lazy and does not work hard enough for the family, therefore Mr. Lee had a hard feeling. He felt he is losing power and status in the family. In a typical Chinese’s mind, husband is the breadwinner and decision maker, but Mr. Lee neither could perform both roles. For breadwinner, he did not have a job; for decision maker, he could not even control whether has pork chop or noodles for lunch (00:09:36). Through performing domestic violence, Mr. Lee could experience the feeling of power.

2.2Reason of bystander not being helpful to Mrs. Lee
During the time, Mrs. Lee found many people to help her. If these people had treat Mrs. Lee’s case seriously, this tragedy probably would not happen. Unfortunately, they did not. Here we will discuss the reason of them.

2.2.1 Imperfect Social Security System
The society has not a proper way for victim of domestic violence to ask for help. Like Mrs. Lee, she found the district councilor Mr. Hung. However, he has a lot of things to handle with, like school principal’s meeting. He cannot put all the things down and wholeheartedly help her. Moreover, there is only a taped-hotline for victims apply for entering refuge center. This hotline has such a low efficiency that need to wait for 12 hours. Think of those victims escape...
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