Gender Identity in Our Children's Formative Years.

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  • Published : June 10, 2012
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The television industry is not influential in forming gender identity in our Children’s formative years.

This boy’s family forces him to watch Sunday afternoon football each week. What then lures that five year old boy to his grandmother’s bedroom to play dress up with her makeup and high heels the moment the football game ends? Could the media make this feminine boy into a masculine man? Or is it something that is already a part of the brain that defines what our gender will be? Transgender men and women know at a very early age what gender they are and no amount of television or sports will change what is in our heads. After listening to many transgendered men and women talk of their childhood, they knew that they were not the little boy or girl their parents thought they were. They were not the gender; that their genitals categorized them to be. Just as young girls who are born feeling like a boy, in their minds they are boys. No amount of influence by the media is going to change this. Unless you conform to society, you’re an outcast. It does not matter how much dress up or action movies that a child will watch. The media will never be able to sway our minds into thinking differently. A child’s gender is in their minds not what the media portrays a man or women to be.

There is something in us that makes us the man or women we grow to be. Although I do believe that the media can influence our minds in the direction that we know our place and what is expected of us as men and women in society. Yes the media may influence our behavior or what we perceive it to be, but not our real selves in terms of gender identity. Influencing what is already there is a bit different than forming one’s gender identity. Beyoncé, who is one of the most beautiful, feminine women in the world, loved being a tomboy in her young adult years. So it shows how the media can influence an already biological woman that...
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